We’re taking another trip to the wayback machine this week and setting our sights on 1987, when we were all getting excited at the prospect of a new “Star Trek” TV series and listening to U2’s The Joshua Tree in order to distract from the Iran-Contra hearings. Well, that’s what I was doing. I was also playing a lot of Commodore 64 games.

10. Hunk

There are plenty of options for those looking for T&A flicks on Netflix, but here’s a little beefcake action to throw in the mix, as a mild-mannered dweeb makes a deal with the devil (James Coco) in order to become the sexiest stud on the beach. Bikini-related escapades ensue in this Crown pic, featuring Robert Morse and Avery Schreiber.

9. Sister Sister

sister sister

Bill (GODS AND MONSTERS) Condon stepped into the limelight with this piece of southern gothic, as young Eric Stoltz ends up at a Louisiana boarding house run by two sisters with secrets of their own, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Judith Ivey.

8. China Girl

china girl

Abel Ferrara takes on ROMEO AND JULIET with this story of star-crossed lovers in 1980s Manhattan, one from Little Italy and the other from Chinatown, as their love instigates a gang turf war. With James Russo and David Caruso.

7. Gor


Jack Palance IS Xenos in this goofy Harry Alan Towers-produced adaptation of John Norman’s novel as improbably-named professor Tarl Cabot finds himself transported to another world and becomes involved in a sword and sorcery feud IN SPAAAAAAACE.

6. Cherry 2000

cherry 2000
Steve DeJarnatt’s 1987 feature isn’t as good as his better-known MIRACLE MILE, but this post-apocalypse tale of a guy looking for the titular sex droid features Melanie Griffith in one of her best roles as a bounty hunter who helps him. With Brion James, Marshall Bell, Laurence Fishburne, Pamela Gidley and Ben Johnson, and written by NADJA’s Michael Almereyda.

5. Over the Top

over the top

Sylvester Stallone IS Hawk, a truck driver who must win a Las Vegas arm wrestling championship to start his own trucking company and to bond with his son in Golan-Globus’s ridiculous action drama with Robert Loggia, Susan Blakely and a score by Giorgio Moroder.

4. Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell


man ron
One of the original trailer collections that permeated video store shelves in the ’80s, Jim Monoco’s compilation features a number of trailers you’ve probably seen before, shown by a crazed projectionist and heckled by a ventriloquist and his zombie dummy. Good, mindless fun.

3. Black Widow

black widow

Teresa Russell is at her best as a femme fatale who murders her husbands in Bob Rafelson’s crime thriller, with Debra Winger on her tail. With Dennis Hopper, Rutanya Alda and Terry O’Quinn.

2. Hellraiser


There was a time, believe it or not, when Pinhead wasn’t overexposed, and the first HELLRAISER film actually uses him sparingly. Clive Barker’s horror classic has some awkward quirks but the imagery and the ideas involved make this a great watch. With Andrew Robinson, Ashley Laurence and Claire Higgins.

1. Miami Connection

miami connection

The Alamo Drafthouse rescued Y.K. Kim’s low-budget action flick from obscurity, and it has to be seen to be believed. Don’t ask, just watch.

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