Welcome back to The Wall, ya bunch of delinquents. This week we have the Gentleman of Horror in a film that’s been a long time coming, hot nights of a fine lookin’ dame, one hell of a voyage, and of course some bad action for good watching. The big release this week is CORRUPTION from Grindhouse Releasing.

This is, to date, the best thing Grindhouse Releasing has dropped into the crowded marketplace of exploitation cinema for home video. Actually, I’ll go one step further: this may be one of the most important home video releases of the year. It means that the bar has been raised for titles like this entering the market. For a full review of that film, click here.

Other notables this week:

Richard Linklater’s sensitive and painfully honest BEFORE MIDNIGHT has no place on a dirty little site like ours, but I think this film and the trilogy it caps is flawless. I saw this twice in the theater and look forward to many more viewings in time.

HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA is steaming up the screen from Severin. This is a fun film from Jess Franco, and by fun of course I mean dark, demented, and more than a little disturbing. Fun. You know… for kids!

fantastic voyage

FANTASTIC VOYAGE makes its Blu-ray debut. Richard Fleischer was a bad mother fucker. He directed some classics that still stand today as some of the toughest and coolest pieces of cinema. VOYAGE still stands as an impressive piece of filmmaking with special effects that are thrilling to watch.

Nicolas Winding Refn comes back for ONLY GOD FORGIVES, Joss Whedon does Shakespeare (impressively) in his backyard, Chucky is back in both a new film and a box set to commemorate the little toy from hell, THE EXORCIST hits 40, and FANTASTIC VOYAGE goes deep.

Here is the full lists of titles streeting today. See you next week.

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