Short Ends – Vampires, scream queens, zombies, Muppets, trailers and more!

batteryScream Factory announces Jeremy Gardner’s zombie flick THE BATTERY for release on DVD and Blu-ray September 16.

Made for TV Mayhem continues their look at small-screen scream queens of the ‘70s.

“The Haunted World of Mario Bava” author Troy Howarth talks to the folks at The Projection Booth about PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES.

Blog & Guts talks to our own Tristan Risk about her current projects.

XLrator Media has grabbed the rights to the horror film FOUND for release later this year.

Kino Lorber announces the 1984 Roger Moore thriller THE NAKED FACE for release on Blu-ray October 21.

An impressively organized guide to CONAN rip-offs, tangents and oddities courtesy Thomas T. Sueyres.

Tommy Wiseau’s sitcom “The Neighbors” is set to be released in September.jersey1

Attack Entertainment is bringing JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE to theaters August 22, with a VOD release on August 26.

Muppets as “Twin Peaks” characters. MUPPETS AS “TWIN PEAKS” CHARACTERS.

Alamo Drafthouse’s August theme is teamwork! They can do it together.

Our Matt Wedge continues looking at Larry Cohen’s work with PHONE BOOTH.

30 Second Bunnies does CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and we eagerly await their SERBIAN FILM:

First trailer arrives for Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” TV series:

And one for OUIJA, starring “Bates Motel”’s Olivia Cooke:

And lastly, one for the CONJURING spin-off ANNABELLE:

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