Short Film Showcase: KEYE LUKE (2012)

Actor Keye Luke had a long and varied career in the world of film, from playing Charlie Chan’s eldest son in the Warner Oland-starring series of the ’30s, through playing Kato in the GREEN HORNET serials and maintaining the residence of the furry Gizmo in the two GREMLINS films. While his story may not ever receive a full-length biopic, director Timothy Tau has created a short version of his life, starring Feodor Chin as the talented performer.

After a number of screenings at notable festivals around the country, Tau has made the film available online. Watch it to coincide with Luke’s 110th birthday! Which was, er, yesterday! It’s 12 minutes of the day you won’t regret, and a great mini-portrait of the history of Asian-American actors in Hollywood.

KEYE LUKE from Timothy Tau on Vimeo.


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