Part of writing for an international website means that you try to appeal to as broad a crowd as possible. You try to write without generalizing, and without pretending everyone’s experiences are the same. You all have different viewpoints and life experience, and that’s part of what makes the culture of film – and genre film in particular – so continually exciting and engrossing.


So, pardon me if I write about something close to my heart for a moment.


TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization – sort of an Ontario-based PBS – and since 1974 its been airing weekly classic films paired with interviews with actors, directors and others involved in the production of film. It’s sort of a one-stop film school for Canadians, and a place where the initial match of cinematic love was struck for a lot of people in this country.


Hosted by Elwy Yost until 1999, the series has presented almost 1,500 films and over 1,000 interviews in a variety of genres – uncut. Its seen a variety of hosts since Yost, but has remained a vital, enduring piece of Canadian cultural heritage, and a crucial part of cinema in this country.


Current host Thom Ernst has returned much of the spirit of Yost’s legacy to his hosting of the program, and with its commitment to broadcasting culturally relevant and unique cinema from around the world, it remains as exciting and relevant as its ever been. A necessary element of life in this province – and this country.



On November 13, 2012, it was announced that TVO has cancelled Saturday Night at the Movies as of the end of the 2012-2013 season, amidst budget cuts incurred by the network. TVO is putting more resources into “digital innovation in children’s educational media”, and the longest running current series on Canadian television apparently doesn’t cut the educational mustard in their eyes.


Please sign this petition to keep SNAM on the air, and maintain a cultural tradition for both cinephiles and people who just want to enjoy some damn good movies.



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    November 16, 2012

    Cinema is integral to anyone and everyone. For Toronto, that’s a no brainer. If the cancellation of SNAM goes through, Canada, not only Ontario, will have lost an institution.

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