Eddie ‘Fingers’ Coyle: I shoulda known better than to trust a cop. My own goddamn mother coulda told me that.
Dave Foley: Everybody oughta listen to his mother.

Robert Mitchum’s career is packed with amazing performances; many of them quiet and complex. Look no further than THE YAKUZA for proof of that. Few of them however are as bleak as the titular Eddie Coyle, a weapons dealer in dark and gritty Boston. Directed by Peter Yates who was at a creative high-point after 1968’s BULLIT, THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE is a flawless masterpiece that redefined the crime drama with its slow burn and solid punch. Mitchum wanted to meet with real life Boston gangsters, some say he he managed to do that while others say he was talked out of it. Whatever the cat did it worked. This film deserves to be in your collection.





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    August 10, 2012

    Here is a 5-piece tribute project I produced in 2010. 2 recreated scenes, a trailer and commentary on David Grusin, the original film’s composer. I also have an exclusive interview with Alex Rocco (not online yet). I wanted to pay homage to this wonderful film and the novel by George V. Higgins it was adapted from. Enjoy!

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