Welcome back to The New Release Wall, Bastards. A couple of quick things before we jump into the good stuff dropping this week. First, The New Release Wall, in addition to being on this very site each week, is going to be available as part of the Daily Grindhouse Podcast each and every week on iTunes and Stitcher. A lot of you have asked for it and it’s something we’ve been kicking around for a while so keep the ear-buds peeled. The first episode should be up sometime this week. Finally, there is a giant ass-load of titles dropping this week. I can’t remember a week so far this year that was jam packed with this much stuff, so in the interest of saving your time and eyeballs, the descriptions (more or less) are going to be fast and furious. Now onto the show.



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When SHOGUN ASSASSIN was originally released on Blu-ray by AnimeEigo it was a pretty stunning transfer. I am not a guy that gets into the mechanics of a transfer, I just know when something looks good and when it doesn’t… and this shit looks good. The release of SHOGUN ASSASSIN in the 5 film set is the same disc, same special features, and the same animated menu. It looks amazing. The same cannot be said however for the four other films all located on the second disc. I don’t know if it’s because they are so compressed, if the same care for the first release failed to go into the release of the remaining films or a little bit of both, the picture is clearly not to the standards set with the SHOGUN ASSASSIN release. Having said that, they look better than the original versions do on DVD and because of that they’re worth the coin. Read our full review of set here.




Banned by the Vatican, heavily cut and edited in other countries, and 30 years later we finally have the uncut nunsploitation classic starring Anita Ekberg as it was meant to be seen. As usual, Blue Underground did a flawless job cleaning this thing up. Any other week this would be our POTW but Ogami Itto kicks too much as to have the number one spot taken from him by hot, drug addicted nun.


If you haven’t seen this, it’s an incredibly unique horror/noir hybrid that features a really seductive performance by Julie London. Dig this!


You have one mission; watch Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS. The last time West punched my eyeballs it was HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, it put West on my map and I became an instant fan. That flick was an exercise in patience with a huge payoff at the end. THE INNKEEPERS though is something different. It’s more ambitious, more capable, and scary as hell.


I have this screener sitting on my desk but I haven’t had a chance to jump on it yet… it has just been one of those weeks but trust me, this is getting a watch in the next 48 hours. Anxious to see the Richard Stanley short.
Dug the hell out of this film. We’ll have a review up later today from our own Bob Freelander.


Jack Cardiff was one of the greatest cinematographers in the history of cinema, but he also had chops as a director. DARK OF THE SUN is probably his best film, but GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE, with Marianne Faithful and Alan Delon is a close second. A psychedelic classic.


I haven’t caught this flick and opinions are kind of across the board, but I am picking this up to see what’s what.


Chow Yun-Fat and bullets. Who’s in?


I did not dig this flick at all, I think it is a mess and lost all of the flow and style of the THE WICKER MAN. That kind of thing tends to happen when you make a sequel to a film you directed nearly 40 years earlier.


I was prepared to hate this flick, outside of Cloris Leachman the cast looked terrible but damn if I didn’t think this flick milked every bit of its budget and created a pretty good film.


From Bob Freelander: Director Michael Fredianelli and writer David Lambert do a fine job of bringing this classic western tale to the screen on what was clearly a shoestring budget. On that level, THE SCARLET WORM truly inspires.


Another low-budget winner. This flick is a smart homage to 50s and 60s sci-fi. We should have a review of this sometime next week.


Tha fuck? How did I not know this good shit existed? I am getting this to the top of the “to watch” pile ASAP. I mean for fuck’s sake this has Billy Dee on the cover with a bazooka and Richard Pryor as a co-star? Done and done.


If FACES OF DEATH had a Godfather it would be this film which is the flick that launched the mondo sub-genre of “documentary” films.


This flick is all kinds of tough. The story is far from original but the whole pace of the action and the performances make this a pretty underrated spaghetti western.


The first film from BIGFOOT (1970) director Robert F. Slatzer is a giant shit-box that can only be watched after copious amounts of alcohol and/or other substances.

That’s it for this week, Bastards.

We’re back next week with: HAYWIRE, JEREMIAH JOHNSON (Blu), WIZARD OF GORE/THE GORE GORE GIRLS (Blu) and more.

Until then…





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