Thursday Reminder: Live-Tweet ‘THE LIGHTHOUSE’ This Friday, April 17

Help us recollect by joining us for a tale of madness by the sea this Friday, April 17.

As our days lose all shape and what was once thought of as identities have become naught but promethean husks quietly gliding on the currents of an existential ocean, here’s your daily reminder for Thursday that Daily Grindhouse and Anatomy Of A Scream are joining forces for a Live-Tweet this Friday, April 17, 2020!  With our powers combined, we’ll be watching (and tweeting about) Robert Eggers’ barnacled barnburner, 2019’s THE LIGHTHOUSE.

Be sure to follow along with our twitter account and Anatomy Of A Scream‘s twitter account, as well as using the hashtag #DailyScreamHouse.

Join us as the story of being trapped hits too close to home in THE LIGHTHOUSE, while offering up various oceanic limericks, cinematic insights, and of course only the finest of lobster recipes.

And with each daily reminder has come a video promoting the event, and here’s another one (this time using the sounds of another creepy film of recent memory). Enjoy the video and we look forward to discussing all things maritime with you on Friday, April 17, 2020 at 9pm Eastern for our first Live-Tweet alongside Anatomy Of A Scream.


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