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Just when I’ve had enough of the found footage genre, I get smacked in the balls by a giant fucking Norwegian troll. I saw this on a Saturday night and I knew fuck-all about it. I think it was the first week or so it was on VOD and for some reason this clever flick snuck under my radar and I am glad it did. This was the first time in a while that I had a sense of discovery with a film, made me kind of miss the days when we didn’t know EVERYTHING about each release hitting the theater. So, in order to preserve some of that experiance with your first look at this film, I am going to avoid jumping into the finer points of the plot and just tell you to see this flick, FAST.


It’s a really clever film that plays with a sense of humor but can also switch gears on the fly into a badass monster flick. I think in a lot of ways this was the film MONSTERS was trying so hard to be. TROLL HUNTER has smart characters, clever plotting, and great (but not entirely fresh) direction from André Øvredal. Looking forward to seeing what this dude does next.






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