The world of streaming media is still in its infancy, and the format still has a long way to evolve when it comes to availability of content.  Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime are emerging the main providers of general content, but smaller factions like Something Weird and Full Moon have gotten into the game as well, providing genre content with a more specific audience in mind.

Enter Skinaflix, a new streaming service from the adult-oriented distribution company Distribpix and the genre experts at Vinegar Syndrome.  Launching in 2014, Skinaflix plans on being a leading provider of streaming content to an area that the likes of Netflix barely touches – classic sexploitation.  Promising to deliver vintage erotica to your television set in 1080p, Skinaflix is currently gathering folks for a trial run.  You can pre-register to be a willing guinea pig here.


According to Vinegar Syndrome’s Joe Rubin, “we’re shooting for a summer of 2014 launch so the pre-registration period will likely run through spring. In addition to receiving a lower rate on initial membership fees, people who pre-register will also be given early access to the site.”

The site will primarily focus on the “golden age” of the sexploitation film, but may reach into other eras depending on the content.  “We will be covering the 1960s through 1980s primarily,” Rubin explained, “but we’ll also be offering some stags and nudies over time which will have been made pre-60s.”

“Only movies which were shot on film. That’s really the key. Era isn’t as important as medium. Every title on the site, be it a 1930s stag film or a big budget 70s feature, will be sourced from film and offered in HD. In the future, we’d possibly consider expanding to include some 90s stuff that was shot and finished on film (there were quite a few such movies, actually), but for now, the cutoff period is late 80s.”

The roster of planned films includes a veritable hall of fame of adult filmmakers.  “Viewers will be seeing works from Anthony Spinelli, Armand Weston, Chuck Vincent, Gerard Damiano, Radley Metzger, Ron Sullivan, Shaun Costello, etc. Basically, every filmmaker and actor you can think of will be covered.”

While limiting their films to sexploitation, Skineflix has no plans to limit their audience along orientations.  “Although all-male films are tougher to locate on film, we are definitely going to be offering some all-male classics with more hopefully becoming available as we go along.”

Keep tabs on Skinaflix by following their Facebook page here.

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