You didn’t click on this post to read me yammering, so here’s the new teaser that just dropped. Any yammering you may need is below.

That’s an unusually generous tease, in my opinion. I mean, I can pretty much pretty much finish myself off from here. Still feel like Christmas can’t come soon enough, but at least now there’s the clearest picture yet of what THE HATEFUL EIGHT as a story is meant to be. The last time I speculated, the setting and the costume design had me thinking Quentin’s primary point of inspiration was Corbucci’s THE GREAT SILENCE. But now there’s another association to consider.



When Kurt Russell stands in a roomful of bearded people with the elements raging outside and announces, “One of them fellas is not what he says he is,” it’s surely meant to put film heads in mind of THE THING. Not saying this is secretly a movie about space aliens, but it does look to be a genre-inflected chamber piece about paranoia and distrust — which in turn would be a thematic throwback to RESERVOIR DOGS.


But one thing THE THING didn’t have is a lady, nor did RESERVOIR DOGS for that matter, and this movie definitely does — in fact, Jennifer Jason Leigh sort of steals it right away from Kurt and from Sam Jackson with her brief bit of physical comedy. She’s apparently the Tuco to Kurt’s bounty-hunting Blondie, the valuable prisoner being transported across arduous terrain. THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY being my favorite movie, I can’t tell you how excited I am by the prospect of a gender-swap. Excuse me please, I’ve got to watch that teaser again.

Hell, let’s do it together:


P.S. Here are two of the character-centered posters that have been released over the past couple weeks.







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