This trailer warrants a legitimate “HOLY SHIT.” The director, Luciano Onetti, made a neo-giallo a few years ago called SONNO PROFONDO (“Deep Sleep”), which had a grand total of two actors in it. It was mostly just a really impressive display of giallo style, made with super minimal resources. He’s back with another giallo-styled film, but this one looks a hell of a lot more ambitious than SONNO PROFONDO. This trailer is absolutely killer, and I’m extra insanely excited about it because it looks like they somehow shot it in a 2.75:1 aspect ratio, and hardly anyone uses that any more (although Tarantino used it for THE HATEFUL EIGHT).




Anyway, here’s the trailer for FRANCESCA. I can’t freaking WAIT.





FRANCESCA will make its world premiere at the upcoming Sitges Film Festival in October, where it will compete in the “New Visions” category and for the “Best Latin American Production” award.

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Jason Coffman

Jason Coffman

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Jason Coffman
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