Coming off of a great year of releases (check out our coverage of some of their titles below), Vinegar Syndrome has announced via their Facebook page a number of upcoming titles to be added to their increasingly impressive library.   The titles include the following:

SUGAR COOKIES: Vinegar’s first 4k restoration, Theodore (SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT) Gershuny’s sleazy thriller starring Mary Woronov and Lynn Lowry that plays a bit like a grindhouse version of VERTIGO.  Previously released by Troma on DVD years ago, the title could certainly use an upgrade.

GRADUATION DAY: Another definite 4k restoration, GRADUATION DAY is Herb Freed’s slasher flick, notable for an early performance by Vanna White.

NAKED ZOO: A fun flick if you’re down for some Rita Hayworth and Canned Heat, directed by DEATH CURSE OF TARTU‘s William Grefe!

THE JEKYLL AND HYDE PORTFOLIO: A sleazy thriller based on a maniac who kills due to the zodiac sign he was born under, the rare Intervision VHS of this regularly fetches three digits.

LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET aka THE FUN HOUSE: According to the site, “itt is being worked on and handled with the utmost care for a release in 2014. All other details remain CLASSIFIED.”  In any case, it will be great to see this obscurity back in print!

Mike Cartel’s RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE, restored from the negative! As CriticOnOnline summed it up “There are bar fights, gun fights, girl fights, a warehouse explosion, strip chess, pinball playing and vampirism!”  Extras are set to include the first EVER commentary track from director Mike Cartel as well as the odd SOV topless scenes which were included in the (unauthorized) VHS release it got in the late 80s!

Lastly, the label plans to offer PEEKARAMA,  a new line of pure X rated features, many to be announced soon.  The first of which will feature ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL & WINTER HEAT.

Keep up with Vinegar Syndrome via their website here or Facebook page here, and check out some of our reviews of their releases below!

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