[CHICAGO] A Celebration Of The Music Box Theater

DAILY GRINDHOUSE will be presenting a 70MM print of Walter Hill’s STREETS OF FIRE at the Music Box Theater in Chicago this Friday and Saturday at midnight. Get your tickets here!


All of us here at DAILY GRINDHOUSE are thrilled about bringing STREETS OF FIRE to the Music Box. If you kept up with our coverage of Cinepocalypse, you’ve probably already figured out that the theater is equal parts local indie and repertory house. The Music Box has been screening midnight movies since its restoration in 1983, and it is currently one of the few movie theaters left in America capable of projecting 70MM film prints.




And it’s a 15-minute walk from my apartment. I’ve seen over 350 movies at the Music Box – a vast majority in the company of DG’s Paul Freitag-Fey – since 2005, when I started keeping a movie log. I’ve been there for midnight screenings of THE WARRIORS, HEAD, THE RE-ANIMATOR, and SHOCK TREATMENT. I’ve seen all six THIN MAN movies at the Music Box. I’ve been to weekend matinee series like “James Mason in Love,” “A Fistful of Spaghetti,” and the long running Second Saturday Silent Cinema (accompanied by the indispensable Dennis Scott at the organ). I’ve been to screenings hosted by Jessica Harper, Larry Cohen, Eric Roberts, Joe Carnahan (and those were in the last week and a half!), Sybil Danning, Robert Osborne, and Mitzi Gaynor. For God’s sake, I’ve even seen SKIDOO there.


And the festivals! Noir City Chicago, the Sci-Fi Spectacular, the 70MM Festival (I’ve seen BRAINSTORM in 70MM), the Music Box of Horrors, the Annual Christmas Double Feature, Docs at the Box, and, of course, Cinepocalypse.

So it’s fitting that your genre film website of choice, the home of tough films for the rough crowd, is bringing Walter Hill’s 1984 rock and roll fable to the theater that deserves it: Chicago’s Music Box, where I once saw a heckler shouted down at a midnight screening of THE MANITOU by an audience member who was in no mood for ironic hatewatching.



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