[GRINDHOUSE STYLE] Check out Scream Queen Brooke Lewis’s Clothing Line

Brooke Lewis, winner of 2010’s GOLDEN COB AWARD for Scream Queen of the Year due to her role in Gregory Lamberson’s excellent SLIME CITY MASSACRE and the f the voice of the sinister KILLER RACK, is teaming up with Alison “Metalbabe” Cohen for another clothing line after the success of the “Rock Your Hot Mess” and Ms. Vampy lines with the “Scream Queen Brooke Lewis” pinup line of products in time for the holiday season.

Brooke Lewis

The line currently features alluring, pin-up of Brooke herself, drawn by artist Bill Bronson. Bronson also designed  the lips and crossbones logo used by METAL BABE MAYHEM that is featured on a range of men’s and women’s t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. Simple, classy and sexy. What better item to stuff in someone’s stockings along with a copy of the upcoming SLIME CITY/ SLIME CITY MASSACRE DOUBLE FEATURE Blu-ray and KILLER RACK? Here’s hoping we get to see even more collaborations between Brooke and Alison as time goes on because with the addition of the “Scream Queen Brooke Lewis” line to the already great selection of clothing on METAL BABE MAYHEM it seems this duo is taking fashion by storm.
Brooke is even giving DAILY GRINDHOUSE readers a terrific discount! Use the code #BROOKE16 to get 20% off your purchase.
The “Scream Queen Brooke Lewis” clothing line is available at METAL BABE MAYHEM along with the Ms. Vampy and “Rock Your Hot Mess” lines and a plethora of other great products.
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