Has it really been a month since the last edition of I WAKE UP STREAMING?  I confess, I’ve been lax on the weekly game, so to make up for lost time, we’ve got over 300 new flicks to a variety of streaming platforms!  The good stuff includes collection of Mario Bava films on FilmStruck, Universal horror on Shudder, new genre titles like WHEELMAN and 1922 on Netflix, and the usual variety of crazy random stuff on Amazon!


Here’s all of the noteworthy psychotronic titles that have cropped up in the last few weeks:







1922 (2017) – Zak Hilditch’s adaptation of the Stephen King novella, with Thomas Jane

BATTLE ROYALE (2000) – Teenager vs teenager in Kinji Fukasaku’s classic

BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUIEM (2003) – Lightning does not strike twice, though

BULLET TO THE HEAD (2015) – Walter Hill adapts Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel, with Judge Dredd and Aquaman

CABIN FEVER (2002) – Eli Roth’s contagion thriller

CABIN FEVER 2: SPRING FEVER (2002) – Ti West’s worthwhile follow-up

CHAPPIE (2015) – Neill Blomkamp’s take on SHORT CIRCUIT, but with Die Antwoord.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB (2006) – The live-action one, with Steve Buscemi as Templeton

CLOSED CIRCUIT (2013) – Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall in John Crowley’s paranoid thriller

CUBE (1997) – Vincenzo Natali’s nifty high-concept thriller

CUBE 2: HYPERCUBE (2002) – More cubing

CUBE ZERO (2004) – I like this one more than I probably should

DONNIE DARKO (2001) – Bunnies in time

HOSTEL(2005) – Irritating dudes get tortured

HOSTEL PART II (2007) – Less irritating ladies get tortured

JOAN DIDION: THE CENTER WILL NOT HOLD (2017) – Griffin Dunne’s documentary on the author

KUNG FU YOGA (2017) – Jackie Chan in Stanley Tong’s action comedy

LITTLE MONSTERS (1990) – Fred Savage makes a friend in Howie Mandel

MEN IN BLACK (1997) – So glad they never made any sequels to this.  I SAID THEY NEVER MADE ANY SEQUELS TO THIS

MICHAEL CLAYTON (2007) – George Clooney fixes things, while Tilda Swinton panics

MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (2008) – Adaptation of the Clive Barker story, with Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones

Mindhunter: Season 1 (2017) – Jonathan Groff delves into serial killer psychology

MISS REPRESENTATION (2011) – Examining the underrepresentation of women in power in media

ROOTS (2016) – Updated take on Alex Haley’s novel

SAVAGE DOG (2017) – Scott Adkins in 1959 Indochina-set action tale, with Keith David

SAW (2004) – Playing a game

SAW II (2005) – Another game

SAW III (2006) – More games

SAW IV (2007) – Seriously, this has an insane continuity

SAW V (2008) – And it keeps going

SAW VI (2009) – And going

SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER(2010) – And going

SCARY MOVIE (2000) – The first one has its moments

SHE MAKES COMICS (2014) – Comic book pros like Karen Berger, Jenette Kahn, Gail Simone and more are documented

Slasher: Season 2(2017) – Canadian slasher anthology series

Stranger Things: Season 2 (2017) – The ‘80s are back, in pog form

TEETH (2007) – This film gets better each year

THE BABYSITTER (2017) – McG’soverdirected comedy-horror take on HOME ALONE is more fun than it really should be

THE FINAL MASTER (2015) – Martial arts tale of a Wing Chun master

THE HATEFUL EIGHT (2015) – Tarantino’s take on bottle episodes

THE HORSEMEN (2009) – Dennis Quaid in serial killer tale directed by Jonas Akerlund

THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES: NEW AND SELECTED (2017) – A new Noah Baumbach movie, which will please Noah Baumbach fans

The Mist: Season 1 (2017) – Unnecessarily mean-spirited adaptation of the Stephen King story

THE NEW DAUGHTER (2009) – Kevin Costner worries his daughter may be possessed

THE VOICES  (2014) – Ryan Reynolds’ dog makes him do terrible things

WHEELMAN (2017) – Frank Grillo plays a getaway driver in this high-concept, exciting thriller that doesn’t overstay its welcome

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE: A FILM ABOUT THE DOORS (2009) – Tom DiCillo’s doc on The Doors. Warning: narrated by Johnny Depp

WHERE THE DAY TAKES YOU (1991) – Tale of homeless teens written by Michael Hitchcock and Kurt Voss, starring Dermot Mulroney, Laura San Giacomo, Sean Astin, Ricki Lake, Will Smith, Balthazar Getty, James Le Gros, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kyle MacLachlan, Nancy McKeon, Alyssa Milano, David Arquette, Leo Rossi, Peter Dobson and Rachel Ticotin




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25TH HOUR (2002) – Spike Lee’s excellent drama, with Edward Norton

ARACHNOPHOBIA (1990) – Jeff Daniels vs The Spiders

ARRIVAL (2016) – Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi flick

BAD SANTA (2003) – Terry Zwigoff’s twisted comedy

BARBARELLA: QUEEN OF THE GALAXY (1968) – Roger Vadim’s campy sci-fi pic with Jane Fonda and John Phillip Law

BEOWULF (2007) – Robert Zemeckis’ fantasy epic, with Crispin Glover and some other people, written by Neil Gaiman

BLOWN AWAY (1994) – Stephen Hopkins’ Irish bomb thriller with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones

BOUND (1996) – The Wachowski siblings’ sexy heist pic, with Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon

DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS (1998) – Tom Everett Scott tries to get his roommate to become suicidal

FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC (2014) – Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn and Kiernan Shipka in the made-for-Lifetime adaptation of the VC Andrews book

HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE(2016) – Documentary on two obsessive time travel enthusiasts

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (2015) – With Eric Roberts and Tiny Lister

JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (2016) – Tom Cruise goes back

JACOB’S LADDER (1990) – Tim Robbins in Adrian Lyne’s memorable mind-bending thriller

K19: THE WIDOWMAKER (2002) – Harrison Ford in Kathryn Bigelow submarine movie

KAZAAM (1996) – Shaq in genie movie directed by Paul Michael Glaser

MEAN CREEK (2004) – Jacob Estes’ tale of youthful bullying gone wrong, with Rory Culkin


MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (1978) – Brad Davis stars in Alan Parker’s great tale of Turkish imprisonment

NIXON (1995) – Oliver Stone’s tale starring Anthony Hopkins and a lot of harrumphing

O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (2000) – George Clooney in the Coens’ fun outlaw comedy

OCEAN’S ELEVEN (2001) – George Clooney in Steven Soderberg’s fun heist comedy

PETALS ON THE WIND (2014) – Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn return in the follow up to FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC

PHOENIX FORGOTTEN (2017) – Found footage flick that came out earlier this year

PUMPKINHEAD II: BLOOD WINGS (1993) – With Soleil Moon Frye, Andrew Robinson, Ami Dolenz, Gloria Hendry and Roger Clinton

RABBIT-PROOF FENCE (2002) – Philip Noyce’s solid drama about three aboriginal girls in 1931

RAZE (2013) – Zoe Bell kicks ass in the action/horror hybrid of underground fighting

SCREAM (1996) – Yes, actually, I do like scary movies, thanks for asking

SHAOLIN SOCCER (2001) – Stephen Chow’s masterful martial arts comedy

SHRIEK IF YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST FRIDAY THE 13TH (2000) – Parody of slasher movies, with Harley Cross, Simon Rex, Julie Benz, Coolio, Tom Arnold, Mink Stole and.. Rose Marie?!  Sure, why not

STAY ALIVE (2006) – Online video game horror pic with Frankie Muniz

THE 13TH WARRIOR (1999) – John McTiernan adapts Michael Crichton’s novel, with Antonio Banderas

THE ARISTOCATS (1970) – One of Disney’s lesser-known classics, with Phil Harris and Eva Gabor

THE CRYING GAME (1992) – Neil Jordan’s drama thriller is great even if you know the “twist”

THE MIGHTY QUINN (1989) – Carl Schenkel’sunderseen crime drama with Denzel Washington

THE NIGHT STALKER (2016) – Lou Diamond Phillips is Richard Ramirez

THE QUIET AMERICAN (2002) – Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser in Phillip Noyce’s solid adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel

THE RESCUERS (1977) – More Eva Gabor voicing Disney!  This time with Bob Newhart.

THE ROCKETEER (1991) – Joe Johnston’s underrated take on Dave Stevens’ pulpy superhero, with Bill Campbell and Jennifer Connelly

THE SAINT (1997) – Val Kilmer is the thief for hire in Phillip Noyce (having a busy month on Hulu)’s take on the classic TV series

THE SWORD IN THE STONE (1963) – Walt Disney does King Arthur, sort of!

TOO FUNNY TO FAIL: THE DANA CARVEY SHOW (2017) – Documentary on Dana Carvey’s short-lived sketch comedy show

TURKEY HOLLOW (2015) – Mary Steenburgen in a made-for-TV movie based on a Jim Henson story

UNDISPUTED (2002) – Wesley Snipes in Walter Hill boxing pic, which is pretty good, but the sequels are better

WHITNEY (2015) – Angela Bassett-directed documentary on the rise and fall of singer Whitney Houston






A BAY OF BLOOD (1971) – Mario Bava’s proto-slasher

A SLAVE OF LOVE (1977) – Russian romantic drama about a silent screen star

BICYCLE THIEVES (1948) – Vittorio De Sica’s must-see classic

BLACK SABBATH (1963) – Mario Bava’s classic anthology of terrror

BLACK SUNDAY (1960) – Barbara Steele shines in Bava’s witch tale

ERIK THE CONQUERER (1961) – Mario Bava does Vikings, with Cameron Mitchell

GREED (1924) – Erich von Stroheim’s tale of lottery winners

MODERN TIMES (1936) – Charlie Chaplin silent classic

MORE (1969) – Barbet Schroeder’s tale of youth and drugs, with a Pink Floyd soundtrack

ONCE WERE WARRIORS (1994) – Fantastic drama about the lives of Maori warrior descendents

PIXOTE (1981) – Hector Babenco’s tale of a youthful criminal on the streets of Sao Paulo

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) – Bava’s insanely colorful sci-fi horror tale

SHOCK (1977) – The last film of Mario Bava, aka BEYOND THE DOOR II

THE EVIL EYE (1963) – John Saxon in Mario Bava’s thriller, aka THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH

THE MISFITS (1961)–Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift in John Huston’s film of an Arthur Miller script

THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (1965) – Richard Burton in cold war drama based on a John le Carre novel

THE WHIP AND THE BODY (1963) – Christopher Lee stars in Bava’s sadistic flick

VAL LEWTON: THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS (2007) – Documentary on the producer of CAT PEOPLE and I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE






ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD(1987) – Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone go to a lost city

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (2006) – We are so screwed

ANGEL HEART (1987) – Mickey Roark is hired to find a singer and gets into deep trouble

BEOWULF (2007) – Robert Zemeckis’ fantasy epic, with Crispin Glover and some other people, written by Neil Gaiman

BON VOYAGE, CHARLIE BROWN (1980) – And don’t come back!  That’s what Lucy says, I love Peanuts.  Please come back.

BROKEN SWORD HERO (2017) – Thai action pic with Muay Thai and swords

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB: ADIOS(2017) – Sequel to the documentary on Cuban musicians

CASE 39 (2010) – Renee Zellweger investigates a spooky kid

CHEECH & CHONG STILL SMOKIN (1983) – They may have been running out of ideas at this point

DEMON (2016) – Polish tale of a Jewish demon

DOOMED! THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S FANTASTIC FOUR (2016) – Marty Langford’s fascinating look at the Corman-produced comic book adaptation that barely was

EDISON & LEO (2008) – Animated historical fantasy film with the voice of Powers Boothe

FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY (1997) – Harvey Keitel plays Houdini!

FEAR X (2005) – John Turturro in Nicolas Winding Refn’s serial killer tale

FUN IN ACAPULCO (1963) – Elvis and Ursula Andress!

GEO-DISASTER (2017) – Like GEOSTORM, but cheap (it’s an Asylum film)

HARD EIGHT (1997) – Paul Thomas Anderson’s first film, a great dramatic thriller with Philip Baker Hall and John C. Reilly

HOUNDS OF LOVE (2017) – Twisted kidnapping tale from director Ben Young

HOUSEBOAT (1958) – Cary Grant and Sophia Loren mix it up on the title object

KING SOLOMON’S MINES (1985) – Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone in J. Lee Thompson’s take on the pulp character

KRAMPUS UNLEASHED (2015) – Remember a few years ago when there were a bunch of KRAMPUS movies?  This was one of them.

MEMENTO (2001) – I feel like I’ve seen this movie before

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1989) – Robert Englund and Jill Schoelen star in Dwight Little’s horror take on the story produced by Menahem Golan

ROMPER STOMPER (1992) – Russel Crowe in Geoffrey Wright’s excellent skinhead drama

SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003) – Only Richard Linklater really understands how to use Jack Black

SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) – Leo goes to crazy island

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY(1991) – With Earl Boen!

TERRORDACTYL (2016) – It’s called TERRORDACTYL, so I’ll give it that

THE AMITYVILLE TERROR (2016) – Something with Amityville in the title

THE MACHINIST (2004) – Christian Bale gets skinny in Brad Anderson’s psychothriller

THE MONSTER SQUAD (1987) – Tom Noonan’s Frankenstein monster is the selling point to me

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963) – Jerry Lewis meets a nice lady

THE SAINT (1997) – Val Kilmer is a thief in Phillip Noyce’s adaptation of the TV series

THE TWO JAKES (1990) – Jack Nicholson returns to direct the CHINATOWN sequel

TRUE COLORS (1991) – Herbert Ross’s political drama, with John Cusack, James Spader and Richard Widmark

YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES (1985) – Barry Levinson’s inventive take on the classic detective

WE’RE NO ANGELS (1955) – Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov escape from Devil’s Island





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Brown Sugar

BACKSTAGE (2000) – Concert film with Jay Z, DMX and Method Man

AKEELAH AND THE BEE (2006) – Spelling bee drama with Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne


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EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) – Swallow your soul!

HOMELAND (IRAQ YEAR ZERO) (2015) – Documentary on everyday life in Iraq during the U.S. invasion

HOT THRILLS AND WARM CHILLS (1967) – Courtesy Something Weird, a trio of women plan a heist of the King of Sex’s crown

LEY LINES (1999) – Takashi Miike’s crime syndicate flick

RAINY DOG (1997) – Miike’s tale of an assassin and a crime boss

RAW DEAL (1948) – Anthony Mann’s classic film noir

THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS (2003) – Lars Von Trier makes a filmmaker remake his movies

THE NEST OF THE CUCKOO BIRDS (1965) – Little-seen grimy Florida exploitation flick

T-MEN (1947) – Anthony Mann’s counterfeiting noir





BEST WORST MOVIE (2009) – Michael Stephenson’s doc on the legacy of TROLL 2

CAN’T TAKE IT BACK (2017) – Online bullying turns bad in Tim Shechmeister’s horror pic

CHATROOM(2010) – Online chat turns deadly in Hideo Nakata’s English-language film with Imogen Poots

DARK VALLEY (2014) – Sam Riley in Andreas Prochaska’s horror western

DRACULA (1931) – The children of the night!  What music they make!

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW (2013) – Disneyworld-lensed film about a middle-aged man’s nervous breakdown

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D (2016) – Steven DeGennaro’s recommended unique take on found footage films

FRANKENSTEIN (1931) – It’s alive!

HELL HOUSE LLC.  (2015) – A documentary crew returns to the scene of a haunted house mass murder

LACE CRATER (2015) – Harrison Atkins’ supernatural thriller

SENNENTUNTSCHI (2010) – Michael Steiner’s Swiss film about three men creating a female companion

SEOUL STATION (2016) – Animated prequel to TRAIN TO BUSAN

SPOOKERS (2017) – Documentary on a New Zealand scare park

SPRING(2014) – Lovecraft meets Linklater in Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s romantic monster flick

SUBURBAN GOTHIC (2014) – Ghosts in the burbs, with Kat Dennings, Ray Wise, Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey Combs and John Waters

THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) – James Whale’s horror classic

THE CORPSE OF ANNE FRITZ (2013) – Spanish horror tale about three pervs that want to see a naked dead girl

THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933) – Claude Rains gets all wrapped up

THE MUMMY (1932) – Boris Karloff in Karl Freund’s horror classic

THE WOLF MAN (1941) – Lon Chaney Jr. meets an old gypsy woman

VANISHING WAVES (2012) – Kristina Buozyte’s Lithuanian sci-fi horror film

YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE: RISE OF THE SEA DRAGON (2013) – TsuiHark’s tale of mystical mystery




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ELEVATED (1996) – Nifty short film from the director of CUBE

KORLA (2015) – Documentary on spiritualist and musician KorlaPandit

OLDBOY (2003) – Chan-wook Park’s must-see vengeance tale

PASSION FISH (1992) – John Sayles’ solid drama about a wheelchair-bound actress with Mary McDonnell, Alfre Woodard and Angela Bassett

REPRISE (2006) – Norwegian drama about dueling friends

SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE (2002) – Chan-wook Park’s tale of kidnapping gone wrong

THE WANTED 18 (2014) – Documentary on a Palestinian village and their cows

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE (1997) – Iain Softley’s adaptation of the Henry James novel

THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH (2011) – Ethan Hawke and Kristen Scott Thomas in Pawel (IDA) Pawlikowski’s thriller





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Tribeca Shortlist

CECIL B. DEMENTED (2000) – John Waters’ 8 1/2.

HARD CANDY (2005) – Ellen Page takes on potential pedophile Patrick Wilson

MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001) – David Lynch’s twisty-turny thriller with Naomi Watts and Laura Harring

THE DEAD (1987) – Anjelica Huston in John Juston’s adaptation of the James Joyce story

THE SERVANT (1963) – Joseph Losey’s twisted drama-thriller written by Harold Pinter

WE ARE THE BEST! (2013) – Lukas Moodysson’s excellent girl rock band film





Sundance Now

21 GRAMS (2003) – Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts are on a path of destiny

EASY RIDER (1969) – Dennis Hopper’s search for the real America

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004) – Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s film about love and memory

GOD BLESS AMERICA (2011) – Bob Goldthwait’s dark comedy about a man ridding society of evils

GRAND PIANO (2013) – Elijah Wood must play piano or die!

SWIMMING POOL (2003) – Francois Ozon’s dramatic thriller about an author (Charlotte Rampling) and her publisher’s daughter

WE ARE THE BEST! (2013) – Lukas Moodysson’s excellent girl rock band film

WEST OF MEMPHIS (2012) – Probably the best complete documentary on the West Memphis Three murder case

WORLD’S GREATEST DAD (2009) – Robin Williams shines in Bobcat Goldthwait’s dark comedy of suicide and auto-erotic asphyxiation

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Amazon Prime

A KNIGHT’S TALE (2001) – Brian Helgeland’s take on knights, where Heath Ledger will rock you

A VIEW TO A KILL (1985) – Bond #14, with Moore

AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL (1982) – Better than it really should be, with 50% new jokes

AIRPLANE! (1980) – Do you like movies about gladiators?

ALONE WITH A STRANGER (2001) – William R. Moses and Priscilla Barnes in Peter Liapis’s thriller

ANIMAL FACTORY (2000) – Steve Buscemi-directed prison drama

ARRIVAL (2016) – Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi flick

BAD BOYS (1983) – Rick Rosenthal’s reform school drama with Sean Penn

Beat the Clock (1979) – Monty Hall game show!

BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN (1968) – Ken Russell’s entry into Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer series

BLACK AND WHITE SWORDSMEN (1971) – Cheap Taiwanese martial arts pic

BLACK BELT FURY (1976) – Standard Taiwan revenge film

BLACK CAT WHITE CAT (1998) – Charming tale of Gypsy hustlers from director Emir Kusturica

BLACK DRAGON VS YELLOW TIGER (1974) – Low-rent Brucesploitation film

Blockbusters (1981) – Game show hosted by Bill Cullen!

BLOOD DYNASTY (2017) – Chris Alexander’s follow-up to the Rollin-like QUEEN OF BLOOD

BLOOD OF DRAGON PERIL (1978) – Korean martial arts mayhem

BLOOD SALVAGE (1990) – DTV horror flick with Ray Walston and John Saxon

BMX BANDITS (1983) – Nicole Kidman in a Brian Trenchard-Smith film?  Sure, why not!

BOA VS. PYTHON (2004) – with David (PIN, SCANNERS II) Hewlett

Body Language (1985) – Game show hosted by Tom Kennedy

BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1992) – Make a drinking game out of Keanu’s accent


Card Sharks (1986) – Game show hosted by Jim Perry

Child’s Play (1983) – Game show hosted by Michael Bondi

COPPER MOUNTAIN (1983) – Forgotten Jim Carrey ski comedy with Alan Thicke from the director of SKI SCHOOL 2 and DOWNHILL WILLIE

CROCODILE DUNDEE (1986) – That’s not a knife

CROCODILE DUNDEE II (1988) – Wait maybe it is

CUT-THROATS NINE (1973) – Grimy, sordid little western tale of convicts on their way to prison

DARK WATERS (1944) – British thriller with Merle Oberon, directed by Andre De Toth

DEAD BIRDS (2004) – Henry Thomas and Patrick Fugit in Alex Turner’s Civil War-set horror tale

DEMONICUS (2001) – Full Moon horror pic written by Tim Sullivan

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971) – Bond #7, with Connery

DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002) – Bond #20, with Brosnan

DIRTY WORK (1998) – Nobody appreciated Norm McDonald’s comic vehicle in its day

Double Dare 76 & 77 (1976) – Game show hosted by Alex Trebel

DOWN AND DIRTY (2001) – Fred Williamson directs and stars, with Bubba Smith and Gary Busey

DR. NO (1962) – Connery, with SPECTRE

EMBASSY (1972) – Richard Roundtree and Chuck Connors in Gordon Hessler spy thriller

F/X (1986) – Bryan Brown!  Brian Dennehy!  They’re a great team, even if they’re only on screen together for about 4 minutes.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

FATAL SKIES (1990) – Low-budget movie about skydiving teenagers vs a toxic waste dump, starring Timothy Leary.  You read that right.

FIREHEAD (1991) – Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau and Chris Lemmon in an action/thriller about a Russian cyborg

FIST FULL OF TALONS (1983) – Wouldn’t that hurt?

FLESH + BLOOD (1985) – RutgerHauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Susan Tyrrell in Paul Verhoeven’s recommended medieval mercenary flick.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981) – Bond #12, with Moore

FOUR DIMENSIONS OF GRETA (1972) – Pete Walker’s eye-popping sexploitation film

FREE FIRE (2017) – Ben Wheatley’s tale of a bunch of trigger-happy folks in a warehouse, with Brie Larson and Armie Hammer.  Not a great film, but if you go into it like you would a late-‘90s Tarantino rip-off direct-to-video thriller, you’ll have a good time.

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963) – Bond #2, with Connery

GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY (1957) – Clip feature with Lauren & Hardy, Will Rogers, Jean Harlow and others

GOLDENEYE(1995) – Bond #17, with Brosnan

GOLDFINGER (1964) – Bond #3, with Connery

HARBINGER DOWN (2015) – Lance Henriksen in an  underwater monster pic

IMPANGO (1986) – Little-seen South African drama

IRON ANGELS 3 (1989) – Moon Lee in Stanley Tong’s Thailand-set action pic

JUST A DAMNED SOLDER (1988) – Filipino war movie with Peter Hooten

KILL SHOT (1995) – Jack Scalia, Sally Kellerman, Elliott Gould, Denise Richard and Casper Van Dien in a DTV comedy/thriller

KISS KISS BANG BANG(2005) – Shane Black’s top-notch comic murder mystery with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer

LARGER THAN LIFE (1996) – This movie would have been a lot better if it had involved Linda Fiorentino and JaneaneGarofalo driving around in little circus cars trying to save the elephant

LET US PREY (2015) – Irish possession pic with Liam Cunningham

LICENSE TO KILL (1989) – Bond #16, with Dalton

LIVE AND LET DIE (1973) – Bond #8, with Moore

LOOSE SHOES (1980) – KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE-esque comedy with Bill Murray, among others

MAD, MAD, MAD MONSTERS (1972) – Rankin-Bass animated comedy about monsters for kids

MALPRACTICE (2001) – Detective thriller directed by MickyDolenz?!?

MARFA GIRL (2015) – Larry Clark’s tale of a teen in Texas

Match Game 78 (1978) – Gene Rayburn!

MEAN GUNS (1997) – Albert Pyun directs Christopher Lambert in a warehouse

MOONRAKER (1979) – Bond #11, with Moore

MAGOO’S CHRISTMAS CAROL (1962) – Hope you get a chance to SEE it. Get it? Mr. Magoo is blind.

MURDER MANSION (1973) – Spanish ghost story, aka MANIAC MANSION

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN (1983) – Bond #13 ½, with Connery

NOWHERE TO RUN (1993) – Van Damme!

OCTOPUSSY(1983) – Bond #13, with Moore

PARASITE (1982) – Demi Moore vs. the title object in early Charles Band production

Password Plus 79 (1979) – Game show hosted by Allen Ludden

PERMANENT MIDNIGHT (1998) – Ben Stiller plays the writer of CAFÉ FLESH and has dreams of Alf

PUMPKINHEAD II: BLOOD WINGS (1993) – With Soleil Moon Frye, Andrew Robinson, Ami Dolenz, Gloria Hendry and Roger Clinton

RETURN OF FIST OF FURY (1978) – Brucesploitation!

SAVED! (2004) – Jena Malone gets pregnant and ostracized

SCORPION THUNDERBOLT (1984) – Richard Harrison in Godfrey Ho Hong Kong action pic

SEVEN GOLDEN MEN STRIKE AGAIN (1966) – Italian sci-fi spy flick

SHAOLIN DOLEMITE (1999) – Bizarre frankenfilm starring Rudy Ray Moore

SHAOLIN MONKEY FIST (1974) – Hong Kong action pic

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE INCIDENT AT VICTORIA FALLS (1992) – Christopher Lee is Sherlock Holmes!


SHRIEK IF YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST FRIDAY THE 13TH (2000) – Parody of slasher movies, with Harley Cross, Simon Rex, Julie Benz, Coolio, Tom Arnold, Mink Stole and.. Rose Marie?!  Sure, why not

SPEED RACER (2008) – The Wachowskis’ underappreciated kids action spectacle

SUPERARGO (1968) – Italian superhero flick

TARZAN, LORD OF THE MOVIES (Before 2007?)  Hosted by former Tarzan Gordon Scott


TERROR TRAIN (1980) – Standard slasher fare, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Hart Bochner, Chris Mulkey, Vanity and David Copperfield

THAT GAL WHO WAS IN THAT THING (2015)–Doc on character actresses, including Catherine Hicks, Paget Brewster, Roma Maffia and Roxanne Hart

THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD (2007) – Andrew Dominik’s excellent tale of Robert Ford, with Casey Affleck and Brad Pitt

THE BANG BANG KID (1967) – Guy Madison in a western about a mechanical robot, with Tom Bosley

THE BEASTMASTER (1982) – Marc Singer talks to the animals

THE BOLDEST JOB IN THE WEST (1972) – Spanish western with Marc Edwards

THE FINAL SANCTION (1990) – Ted Prior and Robert Z’Dar in David A. Prior-directed action pic

THE FLYING SERPENT (1946) – Sam Newfield-directed giant monster pic about Quetzalcoatl with George Zucco

THE KILLER EYE (1999) – Full Moon pic directed by David DeCoteau

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (1987) – Bond #15, with Dalton

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (1974) – Bond #9, with Moore

THE PHANTOM CREEPS (1939) – Consolidated version of the serial with Bela Lugosi

THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO (1985) – Jeff Daniels walks off the screen in Woody Allen’s comedy

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977) – Bond #10, with Moore

THE SUPERNATURALS (1986) – Civil war horror pic with Nichelle Nichols and LeVar Burton

THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (1972) – Rosey Grier and Ray Milland fight over a body

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH (1999) – Bond #19, with Brosnan

THREE ON A MEATHOOK (1972) – William Girdler’s take on Ed Gein

THUNDERBALL (1965) – Bond #4, with Connery

TIME IS MY ENEMY (1954) – Dennis Price in a little-seen British thriller

TOMORROW NEVER DIES (1997) – Bond #18, with Brosnan

TROLLENBERG TERROR (1958) – aka THE CRAWLING EYE, with Forrest Tucker and a screenplay by Jimmy Sangster

UNFORGETTABLE (1996) – Every twenty years they should make a movie called UNFORGETTABLE that people forget about.  John Dahl directed this one!

WHEELS ON MEALS (1984) – Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in a Hung-directed action comedy

WHEN WOMEN LOST THEIR TAILS (1972) – Italian Neanderthal sex comedy

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967) – Bond #5, with Connery








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    November 4, 2017

    which movie is the header image from?

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    November 10, 2017

    And GRAND PIANO was written by….Damien Chazelle!

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