This week on streaming, we’ve got the Oscar-winning MOONLIGHT, the well-received genre film THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, a new title from the director of SEVERANCE, Tarkovsky, nature running amok and a whole lot more!



Quentin Tarantino’s INGLORIOUS BASTERDS makes a welcome return to the service, as well as Stephen Chow’s classic piece of goofy martial arts mayhem SHAOLIN SOCCER.  New titles of note include the French dystopian thriller ARES, Ted Levine in the Illinois-shot supernatural thriller DIG TWO GRAVES, Christopher (SEVERANCE) Smith’s South Africa-lensed neo-noir 2016 remake DETOUR and Vincent Cassel in Christophe (BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) Gans’ 2014 version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. New bingeworthy TV series include the anime series Blame!, the noir-ish comic book adaptation Riverdale (with, among other, Twin Peaks’ Madchen Amick) and season 3 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.



New additions to Hulu include the nifty French parkour action pic DISTRICT B13, Andy Lau in the 2013 Hong Kong action pic FIRESTORM, Nacho Vigalondo’s highly recommended 2007 time travel thriller TIMECRIMES, the excellent 2008 documentary MAN ON WIRE, the true-life creepy-as-hell 2012 psycho thriller COMPLIANCE, Tilda Swinton in Luca Guadagnino’s 2009 moody family drama I AM LOVE, Billy Crudup as a drug addict in Alison Maclean’s recommended 1999 pic JESUS’ SON, Rutger Hauer in the genre homage HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, the recent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS, and Robert Rodriguez’s SPY KIDS 3, with guest villain Sylvester Stallone.



New titles to Shudder include Franco Prosperi’s 1984 batshit animals-run-amok flick WILD BEASTS, the Russian psychothriller QUEEN OF SPADES: THE DARK RITE, the recent Finnish camping stalker pic LAKE BODOM,  and the 2013 home invasion flick TORMENT with Katharine Isabelle, which I reviewed a few years back.


NightFlight Plus

New features on the dandy service this week include Greydon Clark’s Joe Don Baker arcade comedy JOYSTICKS, the music doc X – THE UNHEARD MUSIC and episodes of the music interview series Radio 1990 that originally aired on the USA Network in 1983 and ’84. The Night Flight episode “New Sounds of 1986” featuring Lords of the New Church has also been added.


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The Vinegar Syndrome-backed service has added 1977’s THE NIGHT BIRD, as well as Bob Mason’s 1979 film NIGHT OF THE SPANISH FLY, which concerns a batch of contaminated Go-Go Weiners that make everyone sex-crazed.



The service has added Wolfgang Peterson’s 1983 submarine classic DAS BOOT, as well as a number of Andrei Tarkovsky films, including SOLARIS (1972), STALKER (1979), ANDREI RUBLEV (1966), MY NAME IS IVAN (1962) and more.


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Full Moon TV

Full Moon has added the 2001 Surrender cinema title LOVE EXCHANGE, as well as remastered versions of Scott Spiegel’s  1989 supermarket slasher pic INTRUDER, and the Matthew (FREEWAY) Bright-written DARK ANGEL: THE ASCENT.


Sundance Now

The indie film streaming service has added the German animated film WALTZ WITH BASHIR, as well as the exclusive documentary MIDNIGHT RETURN, a look at the life of Billy Hayes, the basis for the Alan Parker’s MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Also new is Fred Wolf’s animated 1971 film THE POINT, featuring the voices of Ringo Starr, with songs by Harry Nilsson.


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Amazon Prime

The big new titles this week are the highly-recommended Oscar-winning drama MOONLIGHT and the horror pic THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, Colm McCarthy’s well-received dystopian tale featuring Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close.  Other new titles added to the service include the 2017 horror anthology MIDNIGHT MATINEE, Dire Wit Films’ Satan-worshiping biker homage flick PLEASURES OF THE DAMNED, the documentaries THE BROTHERS WARNER and SHEMP COCKTAIL: A TOAST TO THE ORIGINAL STOOGE, and the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Catalog titles of note include Andy Milligan’s bizarre 1986 haunted-house flick CARNAGE, the 1954 RKO-produced operatic stop-motion animated HANSEL AND GRETEL, the Rifftrax rendition of THE GUY FROM HARLEM, Gary Graver’s 1981 action pic TEXAS LIGHTNING with Maureen McCormick and Cameron Mitchell, the family adventure films WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (1974) and WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS PART 2 (1992), Victor Garber and Maureen Stapleton in 1988’s made-for-TV LIBERACE: BEHIND THE MUSIC, David DeCoteau’s 1999 Full Moon flick TOTEM and 1991’s cult fave SAMURAI COP.

Also new are another batch of martial arts pics (1985’s THE SUPER GANG, 1975’s TIGER AT THE TOP, 1950’s THE KID with a young Bruce Lee, 1970’s SUPER KUNG FU FIGHTERS, 1980’s SILVER HERMIT FROM SHAOLIN TEMPLE, 1981’s THE CHINESE STUNTMAN, and 1984’s Korean SHAOLIN: THE BLOOD MISSION) and “Spaghetti” westerns (1966’s KILL OR BE KILLED, 1964’s MAN FROM CURSED VALLEY, 1972’s amazingly-titled ROBIN HOOD, ARROWS, BEANS AND KARATE, Edd Byrnes in Enzo Castellari’s 1967 RENEGADE RIDERS and Robert Woods in Mario Bianchi’s 1972 KILL THE POKER PLAYER).   Other catalog titles include 1961’s French THE FIGHTING MUSKETEERS, Guy Madison in the Franco Prosperi co-directed sword and sandal pic SLAVE OF ROME (1961), and Sam J. Jones in 1985’s Italian-Hong Kong-Philippines-USA ‘Nam flick JUNGLE HEAT.


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New flicks on the free service include a batch of nifty exploitation and genre titles from the ‘80s – Anthony Geary, Elliott Gould and Lawrence Monoson in DANGEROUS LOVE (1988), the Cannon obscurity STRONGHOLD (1986) which never got a VHS release, Sean Penn and Christopher Walken in James Foley’s AT CLOSE RANGE (1988), and Michael Dudikoff and David Bradley in Cedric Sundstom’sAMERICAN NINJA 4: THE ANNIHILATION (1990), as well as comedies like John (ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES) De Bello’s SOUR GRAPES (1986), Terry Jones’ ERIK THE VIKING (1990) and the obscure THE AMERICAN SNITCH (1983). Also, Rod Steiger and James Coburn in Sergio Leone’s DUCK, YOU SUCKER (1971).



I hadn’t been aware of this service before, and it looks like their trade is mostly new content with plenty of web-based series, but they do have every episode of cult TV faves Fringe, Babylon 5, Veronica Mars, Almost Human and Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesYou can check them out here.




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