We skipped last week due to the incoming hordes of new titles for the new month, so let’s get with the program and get those queues prepped!



The big new releases to Netflix include Michael Keaton starting the Golden Arches in THE FOUNDER, the action sequel BOYKA: UNDISPUTED 4, and the horror pics THE DEVIL’S CANDY and THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET. Other titles of interest include the Wachowskis’ CLOUD ATLAS and the MATRIX trilogy, the American remake of FUNNY GAMES, Joe Dante’s INNERSPACE and SMALL SOLDIERS, Nicolas Cage in LORD OF WAR, Tim Burton’s SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, the Polish Brothers’ THE ASTRONAUT’S WIFE, Jim Carrey in THE NUMBER 23, the solid kids’ fantasy THE LAST MIMSY, Terry Zwigoff’s BAD SANTA, and the first season of Van Helsing.


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New titles to Hulu include Jeff Bridges in 1972’s BAD COMPANY, the 1973 Western CHARLEY ONE-EYE with Richard Roundtree, Roy Thinnes and Nigel Davenport, both BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY, Renny Harlin’s mountain-set found footage pic DEVIL’S PASS, the 1979 follow-up MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI with returning Candy Clark, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Harrison Ford, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams and Mackenzie Phillips, Ford again in 1985’s WITNESS, Sam Raimi-directed webslinger pics SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-MAN 2, Sean Penn in Rick Rosenthal’s 1983 gang pic BAD BOYS, Kevin Bacon stalks Gary Oldman in 1989’s CRIMINAL LAW, Elijah Wood creeping the hell out of the MANIAC remake and investigating the hell out of THE OXFORD MURDERS, Lynn Whitfield in Kasi Lemmons’ underseen EVE’S BAYOU, Anne Hathaway in Jonathan Demme’s RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, Robert Rodriguez’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, Jim Carrey getting vamped in 1985’s ONCE BITTEN, Raquel Welch, Christopher Lee, Robert Culp and Ernest Borgnine in the 1971 Western HANNIE CAULDER, the solid horror pic WOULD YOU RATHER featuring Jeffrey Combs, and Jennifer Kent’s tale of queer tragedy (not really) THE BABADOOK.


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Tribeca Shortlist

Tribeca Shortlist is always good for a new batch of notable titles thanks to some well-done curation, and this month is no exception.  Among this month’s additions are Wes Anderson’s BOTTLE ROCKET, Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER and HOSTEL, Mike White in the solid stalker dark comedy CHUCK & BUCK, the zombie kid flick COOTIES, Antonio Banderas in Robert Rodriguez’s DEPERADO, the recommended, impressively twisted Greek flick DOGTOOTH (from the director of THE LOBSTER), solid documentaries DOWNLOADED, THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, GONZO: THE LIFE AND WORK OF HUNTER S. THOMPSON, MAN ON WIRE, and THE THIN BLUE LINE, John Carpenter’s seminal THE FOG, Joe Dante’s similarly seminal THE HOWLING, Robert Mitchum and Peter Boyle in Peter Yates’ 1973 gunrunner flick THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, Terry Gilliam’s THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in Billy Wilder’s 1963 IRMA LA DOUCE, Jean Renoir’s 1937 anti-war film LA GRANDE ILLUSION, the moody vampire flick LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, Harvey Keitel and Holly Hunter in Jane Campion’s THE PIANO, Bill Murray in the camp comedy classic MEATBALLS, Audrey Hepburn gets romanced by Gregory Peck in William Wyler’s 1953 ROMAN HOLIDAY, Vincent d’Onofrio plays Abbie Hoffman in STEAL THIS MOVIE, Sidney Poitier in 1961’s A RAISIN IN THE SUN, Steve Buscemi directs and stars in the underseen TREES LOUNGE, Zach Galligan tries to stop David Warner’s WAXWORK, and Charlton Heston, Donald Pleasence and Bruce Dern star in Tom Gries’ 1968 western WILL PENNY.


Sundance Now

New additions this week to Sundance’s service include Andrew Bujalski’s recommended low-key comedy FUNNY HA HA, the 1989 documentary JAMES BALDWIN: THE PRICE OF THE TICKET and Denys Arcand’s French drama AN EYE FOR BEAUTY.


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Brown Sugar

There’s no shortage of good stuff added to Brown Sugar’s rosters this month, including the great 1975 dramatic comedy COOLEY HIGH, Sidney Poitier in the Oscar-winning 1967 police drama IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, Denzel Washington in Robert Townsend’s underrated mystery THE MIGHTY QUINN, Bill Duke’s ‘20s-era mafia pic HOODLUM, 6’2” of dynamite explodes in the form of Tamara Dobson in both CLEOPATRA JONES (with Shelley Winters, Bernie Casey and Antonio Fargas) and CLEOPATRA JONES AND THE CASINO OF GOLD (with Stella Stevens and Norman Fell), Pam Grier in the comic strip adaptation FRIDAY FOSTER with Carl Weathers, Eartha Kitt, Yaphet Kotto, Godfrey Cambridge and Scatman Crothers, Fred Williamson in THE BLACK COBRA, BLACK COBRA 2, and SODA CRACKER, James Garner and Sidney Poitier in the 1966 western DUEL AT DIABLO, Leslie Uggams in the sleazy-as-hell 1975 flick POOR PRETTY EDDIE with Shelley Winters and Slim Pickens, Mekhi Phifer in the 1999 thriller UNINVITED GUEST, Melvin Van Peebles’ WATERMELON MAN (1970) and his son Mario Van Peebles’ POSSE (1993), Jim Brown in the little-seen 1970 drama THE GRASSHOPPER, Milton Moses Ginsberg’s 1973 horror pic WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON, and Louis Gossett Jr. and Bruce Dern in DIGGSTOWN (under the title MIDNIGHT STING).




Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s HIGH-RISE is now streaming on the library-based service, as well as the fantasy film 96 SOULS and a batch of Blaxploitation titles, including the incredible 1975 flick DARKTOWN STRUTTERS, 1974’s BLACK FIST, Matt Cimber’s 1975 LADY COCOA, 1974’s TNT JACKSON directed by Cirio Santiago, 1976’s VELVET SMOOTH, and 1973’s VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST.



The Criterion-centric service has added a number of nifty classic titles, including batches of flicks devoted to fairy tales (1975’s THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE with Richard Chamberlain, 1926’s animated THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMEND, 1948’s THE RED SHOES and 1970’s DONKEY SKIN), Peter O’Toole (1972’s THE RULING CLASS, 1980’s THE STUNT MAN, 1982’s MY FAVORITE YEAR and 1987’s THE LAST EMPEROR) and films directed by Basil Dearden (1970’s THE MAN WHO HAUNTED HIMSELF with Roger Moore, 1961’s VICTIM, 1957’s THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH, the Othello-based ALL NIGHT LONG and the 1959 murder mystery SAPPHIRE). Also new are Todd Solondz’s WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, Dustin Hoffman in 1978’s STRAIGHT TIME, Robert Mitchum in 1973’s THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, Fellini’s IL BIDONE (1955) and AND THE SHIP SAILS ON (1984), 1949’s THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER, Wong Kar-Wai’s 1995 FALLEN ANGELS, Jeff Lau’s 1993 THE EAGLE SHOOTING HEROES and CHINESE ODYSSEY 2002, and Suzan Pitt’s wild animated short ASPARAGUS.




The biggest new title to Shudder is the exclusive KUSO, a completely unhinged piece of work directed by Flying Lotus.  The horror streaming service has added a number of solid titles to their roster, including NURSE, THE WRAITH, INTACTO, Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson in the thriller AFTER.LIFE, both BATTLE ROYALE and BATTLE ROYALE II, Darren Aronofksy’s PI, the boat-based psychothriller DONKEY PUNCH, 2008’s SHROOMS, David Hyde Pierce in THE PERFECT HOST, Pamela Franklin in Robert Fuests’s 1970 thriller AND SOON THE DARKNESS, Marlon Brando in the 1972 Turn of the Screw prequel THE NIGHTCOMERS, the killer kid pic COOTIES, Kevin Costner in THE NEW DAUGHTER, Adam Green’s ski-lift thriller FROZEN, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s PULSE, Gareth Edwards’ MONSTERS, the horror anthology THE ABCS OF DEATH, the highly-recommended Joon-ho Bong flick THE HOST, the atmospheric sci-fi throwback BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, the Korean killer boar movie CHAW, Rutger Hauer in HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, Nacho Vigalondo’s time travel thriller TIMECRIMES, the clever dark comedy MURDER PARTY, Jee-woon Kim’s twisted serial killer tale I SAW THE DEVIL, Christopher Smith’s workplace-retreat slasher SEVERANCE and his plague epic BLACK DEATH, and the GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO trilogy.



New arrivals on the art house streaming service include James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the excellent SECRETARY, a pair of films by Mike Nichols (1967’s THE GRADUATE and Jack Nicholson and Ann-Margaret in 1971’s CARNAL KNOWLEDGE), Bunuel’s THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE, John Landis’ AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and Fritz Lang’s classic METROPOLIS.



New to Exploitation.tv are Carlos Tobalina’s sex therapy camp flick LOVE CHAMPIONS (1985) and his 1987 film BOILING DESIRES.


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Amazon Prime

The biggest surprise on Prime this month is John Paizs’s 1985 film CRIME WAVE, a highly recommend meta-comedy that deserves a much wider audience.  Add it to your queue now!

Also new to the service are another batch of martial arts films (NINJA THE PROTECTOR, NINJA TERMINATOR, KILL AND KILL AGAIN, NOTHING BUT KUNG FU, KUNG FU GOLD, ENTER THE PANTHER), the 1987 action pic WAR DOG, the spaghetti western RINGO, FACE OF REVENGE (1967), race relation oddities THE BLACK KLANSMAN (1966, directed by Ted V. Mikels) and MURDER IN MISSISIPPI (1965), Andy Milligan’s THE BODY BENEATH, Roger Corman’s CARNIVAL ROCK, the 1978 monster pic SLITHIS, George Coulouris in 1958’s THE WOMAN EATER, Mickey Spillane stars in his own adaptation of THE GIRL HUNTERS (1963), Hayley Mills and David McCallum in 1975’s adventure pic DIAMOND HUNTERS, Dennis Quaid in the 1978 sex comedy SENIORS, Lamberto Bava’s 1984 DEVILFISH, Richard Casey’s punk rock flick HELLBENT (1988) and his horror pic HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY 5 (1985), Bob Clark’s bizarre 1967 gender-bender SHE-MAN, John Ashley fighting Eddie Romero’s BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT, Mark Pirro’s 1991 NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD, Lee Remick in the 1975 TV-movie HUSTLING, the late John Heard in the 1978 prison drama ON THE YARD, S.F. Brownrigg’s 1973 asylum horror pic DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT, Angie Dickinson in the 1977 TV-movie A SENSITIVE PASSIONATE MAN, the 1941 exploitation mystery CITY OF MISSING GIRLS and DeForest Kelley in the 1947 Cornell Woolrich adaptation FEAR IN THE NIGHT.

New psychotronic titles from the post-drive-in era include Fred Williamson in NIGHT VISION (with Robert Forster and Cynthia Rothrock), THE MESSENGER and DOWN’N’DIRTY (with Bubba Smith and Gary Busey), 1996’s TIMELOCK with Arye Gross and Maryam d’Abo, Drew Barrymore in the underseen 1989 thriller FAR FROM HOME with Matt Frewer, Dick Miller and Susan Tyrrell, Andrew Stevens and John Rhys-Davies in the 1988 poaching flick TUSKS, Lance Henriksen in 2002’s SASQUATCH, the 1996 erotic thriller MISCHIEVOUS, Perry King in Armand Mastroianni’s 1982 horror pic THE KILLING HOUR, Shannon Tweed and Adrienne Barbeau in CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVOCADO JUNGLE OF DEATH, the misguided remake of CARNIVAL OF SOULS, and Jane Horrocks in the 1994 British dark comedy DEADLY ADVICE.

Finally, for more mainstream eyes, you can check out Haskell Wexler’s little-seen 1985 drama LATINO starring Robert Beltran, Julie Hagerty in Amos Kollek’s 1985 comedy GOODBYE NEW YORK, Jim Carrey getting vamped in 1985’s ONCE BITTEN, Raquel Welch, Christopher Lee, Robert Culp and Ernest Borgnine in the 1971 western HANNIE CAULDER, Jeff Bridges in 1972’s BAD COMPANY, Lynn Whitfield in Kasi Lemmons’ underseen EVE’S BAYOU, Bruce Davison in the 1977 prison drama SHORT EYES, the first six SAW films, BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, Kurt Russell in the solid road thriller BREAKDOWN, John Turturro in BOX OF MOONLIGHT, Christopher Walken in the Stephen King adaptation THE DEAD ZONE, Jason Bateman in TEEN WOLF TOO, Kevin Bacon stalks Gary Oldman in 1989’s CRIMINAL LAW and Robert Duvall and Treat Williams in the 1981 crime adventure tale THE PURSUIT OF D.B. COOPER.




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