Rocktoberfest 2019: A Look Back In Anger

October 2019 is a celebration of horror and music

And so…the end is here. Rocktoberfest 2019, Daily Grindhouse’s month-long celebration of horror and music, came to end today. Yes, it’s technically November now—but it’s also All Saints’ Day and Día de Muertos, which are still festive, a bit spooky, and certainly have their own musical traditions. However, like every concert ever, we prolonged the applause far too long and came back for an encore to play the hits ONE! MORE! TIME! and also thank folks and find excuses to use GIFs that make us giggle way too much.

Rocktoberfest 2019 at Daily Grindhouse

A ton of people put a lot of work into a bunch of features for Rocktoberfest 2019 to have something every day and a few special things every week. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed hearing from all of us nerds, geeks, wastoids, rockabillies, metalheads, battle rappers, hippies, beatniks, juggalos, b-boys, fly girls, rockstars, divas, punks, A/V dorks, and more. It would be awesome if you discovered a new movie, album, song, or useless bit of trivia that may very well save your life someday. And if you didn’t? We at least hope Rocktoberfest 2019 was a not too awful time (bar has never been set higher!!!).

In our humblest of opinions, Rocktoberfest 2019 produced some pretty great work by so many people from many different places with many different tastes in movies and music…yet who are all solely unified in the belief that Malört is both the best and worst thing ever, simultaneously. It’s Schrödinger’s flask.

Pick up some Malört, the official drink of Rocktoberfest 2019. "Malört—because the cold embrace of the abyss waits for us all."

Internatinal Man of Leisure Mike Vanderbilt and Horror’s Enfant Terrible Ari Aster enjoying Malört. Pick up Malört today, the official drink of Rocktoberfest 2019. “Malört—because the cold embrace of the indifferent abyss awaits us all.”

That’s enough “ado,” so there will be no further ado. Instead, here’s a round-up of all of the posts tied in with Rocktoberfest 2019 just in case you missed them, or wanted to revisit, or need it to double as a bibliography on the incredibly weird-ass thesis you’re writing. In any case, thanks for checking out our site, we hope you leave with a song in your heart and a nightmare in your head, and wait until you see what the Winter Holidays will bring.

Actually, maybe you guys aren’t ready for that yet…but your kids are gonna love it.

Rocktoberfest 2019 bringing the fiyah!

Mourning Jams

Every morning in Rocktoberfest 2019 we featured a different music video with a horror theme from various decades and genres.



Rocktoberfest 2019 jam session

Rockin’ Horror Picture Shows

Daily Grindhouse contributors highlighted horror movies with a musical connection every day in Rocktoberfest 2019. Some good. Some awful. All highly and equally erotic.



Rocktoberfest 2019 parties hard

BLACK ROSES melts faces


Every week in Rocktoberfest 2019, Daily Grindhouse contributors provided playlists for the perfect spooky musical accompaniment to any Halloween or horror gathering.


Rocktoberfest 2019 brought some sweet tune-age


The Big Question

We asked our Daily Grindhouse contributors and friends of the site some horror + music questions and got some great responses. Check out what everyone had to say below!


True story: Rocktoberfest 2019's house band plays even as the ship sank...


Odds & Ends

We had some stuff that didn’t fit into any categories, but still kept the vibe going.

Mike Vanderbilt interviewed the singular and towering musical/cinematic talent that is Paul Williams about PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (and more).

Kevin Maher put the spotlight on a forgotten gem with Mama Cass’ “Different” from PUFNSTUF.

A fond look back at the short film BloodSpray: The Musical, made by Patrick O’Sullivan & Mike Vanderbilt as part of Chicago’s 48 Hour Film Project in 2016.

Shakyl Lambert covered the 10 (plus 2) Halloween rap music videos perfect for spooky season.

Mike Vanderbilt and Kevin Maher discussed the finest uses of Exit Music in Horror Films.

We had the festivities kickoff with an Opening Act Video (set to “The Howling” by Babel):

And we shut’em down with a Lock The Gates! video (set to “Thunder Busters” by Wax Audio):


Rocktoberfest 2019 knows how to boogie


Thank you again to everyone for contributing. PLEASE follow all of our contributors on social media—that way you get access to more of their great work and maybe a sexy selfie or two. Thanks to Erin Buckley for the Rocktoberfest logo redesigns (using fonts by Chad Savage’s Sinister Fonts).

And thank you all once more for coming to our site and reading our words. It truly means a lot to all of us whenever someone checks out our work. We hope in some small way we can help your day, if only a little bit.

If you’re still reading this far down the page, you’re a great person with excellent taste and/or you’re my parents praying this doesn’t turn into another manifesto. Now gimme your hands, cause you’re wonderful…

Goodnight, Cleveland!

Rocktoberfest 2019 is over!

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